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December 16, 2006



I enjoyed reading your post on Muhammad Yunus and wanted to alert you to a new documentary film featuring Dr. Yunus’ extraordinary contributions to Social Entrepreneurship. The film, which is subtitled in a 100 different languages, vividly describes his groundbreaking work in micro finance. Enjoy!



María, thanks for your kind note. Thanks also for the link to the Ashoka's video as well. I saw Ashoka's Bill Drayton video in the past. It was fantastic. I will take a look to this one as well.

Happy holidays!

Vivian Norris

It makes me very happy each time I read a comment like this and the fact that this kind of informal international network of people who deeply care and know they can help change their world is what we need most. In addition to the wonderful documentaries out there on Grameen and Prof Yunus, a feature length film based on the life of Yunus and the cfreation of the bank and how various people changed their lives due to its existence is in the works. The goal is to reach the widest audience possible, young people, adults, all around the world...so that they too can see how they can make a difference.


Vivian, thanks for your kind visit and comment. The Yunus movie is wonderful news. I look forward to watching it in the theater. Good wishes for you in 2007!

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